School Diary

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School Diary

The school diary allows for regular and informal communication between home and school.  When used as a whole-school approach and on a regular basis.  Communication between home and school can be maintained, which may provide both home and school with important information regarding the issues of celebration or concern that may be important for the other party.
1.      AIMS
1.1    To provide a valuable communication tool between home and school.
1.2    To allow teachers to comment briefly on cause for celebration or concern in a timely manner.
1.3    To provide an opportunity for parents to provide teachers with information that is related to class-based activities.
1.4    To complement the school newsletter in providing a valuable communication tool.
1.5    It functions as a manifesto of the institution.

2.1    It is mandatory for the students to use the school diary.
2.2    Teachers are requested to see a student’s diary each day and to review parent comment where applicable.
2.3    The diary is to be used to note homework and relevant events and should be treated as another book. Neatness and appropriate thoroughness is expected and a parent signature is required daily.
2.4    Teachers will endeavor to note an aspect of a student’s class engagement at least once a week.
2.5    Teachers should ensure diaries are in student bags for home review.

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