The Payment of Fees

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The Payment of Fees

12.3.1    Fees can be paid either for a whole year or quarterly.
12.3.2    For the whole year, fees is to be paid in the month of April.

12.3.3    Quarterly does not mean at the end of the month in the quarter.  The  
              quarterly payment date is fixed and given in the pay-in slip.
12.3.4     Quarterly payment of fees.  1st Quarter:     Last date:    20th June    2nd Quarter:    Last date    30th August    3rd Quarter:    Last date:    30th November    4th Quarter:    Last date:    30th January
12.3.5      If the fees are not paid on or before the Last Day, a fine of Rs. 50/- late
              fee for a month will be charged.
12.3.6     We do encourage the parents to pay the fees regularly to avoid
              embarrassing situation both for the student, parents and the
              management.  Please do cooperate in this regard
12.1        There are mainly five categories of Fees.
12.1.1    Admission Fee (for all) One time.
12.1.2    Tuition Fee (for all) Quarterly
12.1.3    Examination Fee: (K.G. to X) Quarterly
12.1.4    Computer Fee (III to X) Quarterly
12.1.5    General Fee: Yearly (Developmental Fee, School Diary, Hymn Book,
            Parent’s Day, Magazine, Festival and Celebrations, Annual Day, First aid,
             Staff Welfare etc.)
12.2      Financial Policies:
12.2.1    One student child of the staff is exempted from the fees.
12.2.2    Deserving Catholic students are exempted from the fees.
12.2.3    Deserving Christian students are given 50% concession on tuition fee.
12.2.4    Deserving poor students are given 50% to full concession on fees.  They
            have to be BPL card holder, annual income  should be less than
            Rs.36,000; ward member’s recommendation; income certificate etc. are
           to be submitted.
12.2.5    The granting concessions are the sole discretion of the management. 
           The parents have to apply for the fees concession with prescribed form
           available in the office before April 15th.
12.2.6    If any parent’s three children are studying in the school the 3rd child can
            avail 50% concession on the General fee

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