School Liberay

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School Liberay

15.1    The library will be opened on working days from 8.00am to 1.30pm.
15.2    Silence is to be observed in the library at all time.  Books are issued to students of Std.IV to X.  On receiving a book the librarian’s attention should be invited to any damage found in it.  If fails to do so she/he will be held responsible for any damage that might afterwards be detected.
15.3    A student who fails to return a book on the due date will be fined Rs. 5/- per day.
15.4    A student will be issued only one book at a time.
15.5    Library books are not to be lent to outsiders.
15.6    All the books taken from the library, should be returned in due time and if damaged or lost it should be replaced.  All books taken are returned before the commencement of any vacation.

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